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What an inspiring story! You made me laugh and cry, and gave me encouragement to keep chasing the dream. Thank you!

Pony Tail Club

That is a great story, very inspiring!


Wow, this sounds like a great place. What a wonderful experience for you! Funny how dreams change and grow as you go along, I've noticed that as I've chased after mine.

Jumping Jockey


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paige houser

Hi, my name is paige houser. i have always wanted to be with horses ever since i really young, but my family never really had the time or money to let me lease or own a horse. i started taking lessons when i was 9 and have been up in till this year. i go to a tech. school right now that deals with horses but its not enough, i need something more in depth. i was looking into MM for after i graduate this year, along with many other collages an uv's.

your blog reminded me of my life and my dreams, and if MM can help you than it can help me. thank you!


Thank you so much for sharing your story. It's a lot like mine, and I've been considering going to Meredith Manor. I think I'm definitely going to apply now. =)


WOW! This is one heck of an AWESOME post! Very incredibly moving and inspiring! *standing ovation* to you on following that dream! Good for you!


That was an amazing story. I have a similar story as well. But mine is not yet complete. I will be attending Meredith Manor in the summer of 08 and I can't wait. Thank you so much for sharing your story! It makes me want to work all that much harder at making my dreams come true! :)


I enjoyed your story. I will be attending Meredith Manor in Sep 0f 08. Wondering if I should brng my horse, any thoughts?


I stumbled across this blog while searching for information on Meredith Manor. I cant seem to find a website for the school and was wondering if the url had changed. I am in high school and trying to figure out what i want to do after i graduate. If anyone would like to share information on the school with me, I can be contacted by email at a.m.sibley@cox.net




Congratulations on your decision to attend MM! As far as bringing your horse- that is a tough one... Many people do bring a horse with them but it really depends on the reason your bringing him. If after his assessment the staff puts him in classes rather than training you will be able to ride him for one class per day but you will still be assigned different horses for your other riding class and training class.

I purchased a horse at MM from another student in my first quarter. She decided to withdraw after the first semester and decided to sell her two horses rather than pay to haul them back to Texas. I bought a 3 year old green broke mare which I was unable to ride until my 3rd quarter. She was in training and then ridden by upper level students. I put her in the program by choice rather than keep her status as "private" since I was not skilled enough (yet) to train her like a second year student could. If you want to bring your horse my advice would be go for it! The price is more than fair for board and you will have a piece of home with you when you get homesick. If at all possible, I recommend putting your horse in the program- meaning let him go with other students, you will still have him once a day and first dibbs for shows and he will have the benefit of additional training and exercise for free. Good luck and hang in there first quarter... once you finish that first few months it gets much better!


I checked the website and it appears they are doing some updates. It currently shows 2004 as last update so there must be some technical difficulties. Try again it should be up and running soon. http://www.meredithmanor.com/

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Thank you very much for the information I really appreciate it!!


I have been riding and training horses for 8 years and recently learned about Meredith manor... I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go there do to lack of information about the school and not being completely set on pursuing a career in horses but after reading your story I am pretty sure I will apply. Thank you.


Thank you so much. This article was incredibly inspiring for me, on many different levels. I had to sell my horse during my sophomore year of high school due to lack of time and money, and it just about killed me. Call me melodramatic, but nothing has been able to replace the feeling of rightness I got whenever I was in a barn - not even writing (my second passion) has gotten close to filling the void. Without having horses in my life these past three years I've felt undeniably empty - but where I am now it's impossible for me to get back into it again. Hopefully, after I attain my bachelor's in English/Creative Writing from the University of Houston, I will be able to attend Meredith Manor. That is my goal :]

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I'm thinking about applying to meredith manor but im wondering if it takes the place of college.
im not to worried about the state of the place and i have only heard good things.

i just need to know if it gives you the college credit.
ive scanned the website many times.


This story is truly inspiring! I am going to be going to MM in the winter and I am so excited although I was beginning to question myself about whether to go or not because I would be coming all the way from the west with my horse Lightning. I was not sure how "at home" I would feel. Horses are my life and I am actually working to retrain Lightning but the nervousness of moving so far away from my family really started to get me, but your story has not only inspired me but also helped reassure me and I will miss it yes, but it is like a whole new home and that I will still feel at home.

Thank You,
Madison :)


I honestly am not sure if you'll ever read this, but I personally feel that it's worth a shot. Do you think that you can answer one quick question of mine? If so, here goes. I am a freshman in high school and ever since I was just three years old I have known that I wanted to be with horses. I have a whole history with horses, especially mine, and I just love it. Anyways, to make a long story short, my question is about the college. When you take your horse to college with you at the manor, do you get assigned your horse? I want to know this because there is a college (I'm sorry, I cannot remember the name of it) that you can bring your own horse to but you're not guaranteed to get your horse (you could wind up with a school horse or someone else's horses and someone could wind up with your horse). So do you get your own horse or not? I really hope you get this and can reply soon. I'm already planning my trip there in four years but this question's answer will make my decision! Thank you so much!

Stefanie Sobol

Do you have any advice for older students? I am in my forties. I grew up riding, but only recently was able to take it up again. I too want to change careers and make horses a full time part of my life. MM seems like a good fit in terms of the practical education offered, but I am concerned that with so many just-out-of-high school students I might feel out of place. Any thoughts?

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