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Pony Tail Club

Bailey sounds like a trooper. Last fall at one of the shows I went to one of the horses who showed training level was blind in one eye.
I was amazed by the courage and trust that horse had. It inspired all of us.


Hi. I have a Hanoverian mare who suffers from Uveitis. I have been riding her for nearly 3 years and owned her for almost 2 of those. I know the previous owner had trouble with flare-ups, but I am just experiencing my first bad bout. I have been using the Guardian Mask for turn-out and riding her in the indoor when it is sunny outside. I think the regime has been working. I realize that is a pretty great track record, but I am still scared to death. A few weeks ago, I came out to see that she was tearing and the eye was cloudy. I called the vet asap and we treated with injectible antibiotics, anti-inflamitories and topical cortisone eye ointment. I thought we had it licked, but the eye started to cloud up again two days ago, so we are starting the treatment regime over again. I am very interested to hear how Bailey's Blues is doing and if you have noticed any effects (positive or negative) with the Transfer Factor. Could you please post again?

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Hi, my horse a 25 year old Arab gelding was just diagnosed with ERU and I'm getting so much info i don't know what to belive. Please help me. He is on dexamethasone and atropine ointment 2x daily and was giving banamine for the pain. I have learned about the guardian mask and am ording one now but i'm useing a fly mask w/eye patch sown on, but I'd like to get in front of this thing. So does Transfer Factor work to help prevent flar ups? Does anything work to help stop or prevent the flar ups? I'm looking to prevent any more damage to the eye and stop it from moving to the other eye.

All suggestion welcome!!!!!!!!!!


It's a strange kind of disease don't you think ?

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I love to read post that are talking about horses becasue they are so beautiful.

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Direct trauma to the eye and the stress of all kinds can be sources of flare ups ERUs. The first source can be very difficult, and in many cases the source was never identified.

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