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I like to use this technique after I ride as well. Partly because I make it a goal to learn at least one thing about me, my horse, the arena, something related to the ride each and every time. If there's something I need to correct I can fix it, know it's coming and correct the horse before it actually happens, train myself to feel the horse before it actually breaks that kind of thing. I've found it to be very useful and it has really helped my confidence.


Jane Savoie also has a video series about this type of training. It is called, "Riding In Your Mind's Eye." It is very good. I also have both of Sally Swift's Center Riding videos.

It is true that we defeat ourselves by thinking negative thoughts. Some of the best rides I have had happened when I just stopped worrying about everything. Our horses know when we are uptight and they react accordingly.


Great post! And great timing--with so much bad weather the past few weeks, this is a good way to keep your training program on track even when you can't ride. (If we could just get our horses to visualize...)
Also, Jane Savoie's book "It's Not Just About the Ribbons" has some excellent examples and techniques.


Excellent post. I've done some of my best riding with my eyes closed. It's amazing what you can 'see' when you can't see.


Simply Marvelous

Great post! Lots to think about.

My horse knows the minute I am uptight about anything. He becomes tight. I try to control myself by concentrating on his movements ... and presto, the focus is off of me.

It takes discipline on my part. And if I cannot do that ...my thinking is don't ride, wait until tomorrow. Get rid of the worries that have nothing to do with my horse before I ride.

Fortunately, that rarely happens. I prefer a good ride and arriving back home with both the horse and myself feeling relaxed.

It's all in my own head, as you so well pointed out. My horse picks up the least vib I send out. I'm glad he's such a patient, kind soul.

My heart goes out to friends that ride these Ferrari horses. One friend always looks terrified when riding. How too bad.
Perhaps it is a poor match. What do you think?

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