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Pony Tail Club

Those are all great ideas. Thanks for the tips!

Janey Loree

Hi Kelly! Thanks for adding Mustang 'n' Cowboys to your blogroll. I will be adding everyrider to MnC's Register as soon as I post this comment. You have a lot of helpful hints and information on your blog!! I will be back soon.


Great post. I'm always looking for ways to improve my riding and horsemanship.


More resources, I love it! Thanks

Kerri-Jo Stewart

great article with excellent resources!

I will check out the rest of your site.

Thanks! Kerri


Non motorized exercise horse for all equestrians.
Exercise, Fitness, Dressage, Polo, Rodeo, Horse Racing, Jockey, Horseback Riding, Therapy, Rehabilitation, Training, Horseback Riding Lessons, Fun!

Wow!!!!! Holy cow, I just LOVE HIM!! I was amazed by how beautiful he was first of all. Much prettier in person then I expected... Then I got on his back and I instantly fell in love. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I was only frustrated by how long it took before I got MY turn on him. I love him like crazy and so does the rest of my family and I can't thank you enough. I'm thrilled to no end that I found your web site, keep up the good work!!!!

LouAnn & “Bucky” (her Equicizer)

Sandy and Frank, I want to let you know how WONDERFUL Randy is...just took my first ride and he surpassed my expectations. What a great way to clock more time in the saddle when I can't get out to the barn. I have him in our rubber-floored exercise room, which has a mirrored wall on one side. Because he's on wheels, I will be able to check my alignment and aids on both sides and from the front. We also have a TV/DVD player in the room so I can watch riding videos. AND...if I'm crazy enough to try to learn to play polo, I'll figure out how to position him on an elevated ramp in the garage or something so I can practice my swing! This is going to be awesome. Yes, please remind me how to log on to the Equicizer chat room so I can get tips from other riders. Thanks again, and I can't wait to show him off to my friends.

All the best, Flo C.

You’re right… she was a lot easier to get inside the house after we removed her from the box. And what a joy to ride! I got jealous because hubby rode her first while I was at work! She was prettier than I expected, and the gentle motion she makes is perfect for an old gal like me. This is the kind of exercise that a person looks forward to and has a lot of fun doing… instead of having to discipline yourself to go to the gym. I am going to buy her a brand new saddle (just for her!). What a sight she makes… she is in the corner of my living room, stalled right in front of my tv set.
Frankie did a truly exquisite job… he possesses exceptional creativity and talent. I will keep my her forever, and will not sell her to anyone. Please give Frankie a special thanks from me… he is a truly gifted artist.
Thanks also for the bumper stickers and key chain… I will put these to good use. How did you like the Derby? I picked the winner… wow, when he was in 19th position out of the bunch of 20… For a while there I thought he was out of the running.
Again, many thanks to the both of you. If you would like to use my name as a reference to promote the Equicizer, go right ahead!
- Cadel

Frankie! This morning was day number seven back at Thistledown, and I've been getting on five horses every morning! Now, last year I could only handle 2-3 and would end up totally exhausted and sore (legs were like jello)! So, after being off since last November, I was imagining that I was going to be in some very sad shape when I started back...Well, thanks to your Equicizer, five horses every morning is nothing! The only things that got a bit sore were my arms, but only for the first two days. (Two of the big horses pull really hard!) "Morpheus" and I put a lot of miles on together for a few weeks and it really paid off when March 19th (1st day back) rolled around- so I want to thank you, because I know I would have been in big trouble without you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved my butt! (and legs, and back, etc...!) Hope all is well with you and Sandy! Take care – Amanda
Hi Frankie!
I used “Noah” my Equicizer with Mary, my adult hemiplegic. She has a left arm that we have been working on with Joey, my paint horse. He imparts a gentle rotation motion to the patient as he moves, which relaxes the tone in her arm and allows it to stretch all the way down (otherwise it can be as far up as her other armpit!). She was skeptical at first and even made some comment about where to put the quarter! She was a great one for feedback, though....being a longtime patient of mine and a nurse to boot! We found that if we put her "sidesaddle" without any saddle on the horse, we could pretty fairly simulate the motion she gets from Joey! At the end of the session, we tried the saddle and her arm is still in a pretty good position!
Jessie is my "real cowboy". His father thought that he would not be interested in riding Noah...only the real horses...but he came anyway out of curiosity! Well, it turned out that Jessie really had a ball...the best thing was he could practice his roping! Trying to move the horse, and hold the reins and the rope proved to be quite the challenge! After a few attempts in which Jessie roped himself...he did manage to rope the stool...at which time I told him to freeze and I took his picture! WHAT A THRILL! Jessie has pretty significant cognitive and physical limitations...I've tried to rope things myself...and this is no small feat!
We worked with another patient, Lily and had a wonderful session. She actually did more independent sitting on Noah than she does on CC, my Morgan mare. Being able to backride and support only at the pelvis or even at the thighs made a big difference in the challenges we put to her trunk control. Often times on the real horse we, as sidewalkers are supporting her back, and then sometimes from the front...having to watch the head and neck control and this can be quite difficult from the ground!

I am also using Noah exclusively for two of my kiddos. One is afraid of the live horses...but her confidence and balance is improving with every ride on my Noah! She was even a bit intimidated on Noah at first. She has a very hard time attending to task and we now have her riding for a good 25 minutes! We usually make up stories as we ride...we meet prince charming etc. - so last week she started her ride and (I sing the Bonanza theme as intro) - I say, "where are we going?" and she says "to the dentist!" I almost fell over laughing...but ...on we rode!
I also use Noah for a 2 1/2 yr. old boy with Cerebral Palsy. He is so tight and spastic that the real horses are too hard to straddle. We backride with him on Noah and have managed to get him straddling. He also was way out of his comfort zone up in the air on the real horse and cried and cried through his first session on CC. He cried through his first session on Noah too...but now is happily settled into his Saturday morning "rides" and doing great!
Cathy & “Noah” (my Equicizer)

Kristy from Sumerset Texas

I ride English and Western Pleasure. I purchased the Equicizer for therapy for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and also have a class for kids to learn proper horsemanship. My Equicizer has exceeded my expectations and enabled me to "ride" when Being outside on a real horse was just not practical. Even though the Equicizer does not have the up and down "trot" motion, I have found my Equicizer a great help in conditioning my students posting with no saddle. I have also incorporated my Equicizer in some pilate's exercises. I can do sit ups and core training while I am still doing riding exercises. The feel and motion is the closest thing to being on a live horse without being on a live horse. To Anyone that is interested in purchasing an Equicizer/Equipony. I have to say, riding is believing. You really have to try it to believe how well it works. People watch my class and are a little skeptical, I tell them to get on. That is all it takes. It is a work out in a half!

Frankie and Sandy, Yall have become just like family.....you have gone above and beyond the customer service experience.....I thank you both!


Willow arrived today in perfect condition and we were able to assemble her
without any problems. She is beautiful and we love her! She is magnificent!
I am so thrilled! Thank you Thank you! Are there any other Equicizers in the
midwest? We're hoping to be the only one in the area!!!!

Susan K

It is
already one week that Franco trains with his Equicizer "Frankie" and
the results are incredible! He is very very happy also if for now he
can ride 2-3 minutes continuously: it is really very hard the first
times...but he feels it can help him very much! We already had one
contact and many people here in Siena already know that Franco has
bought it...so hopefully we will have some good news for you soon....
Franco is using Eq. both with and without saddle. Without saddle it is
much more difficult, but he says that the work with saddle is more
complementary to the work he does with true horses...

Franco asks you if
there are particular ways or suggestings to use it more correctly or if
jokeys you know have a particular training programme. For now he rides
watching a dvd with races that help him to concentrate best.

Thak you
for now!!

Bye Bye

Barbara & Franco

Frankie and Sandy - Trot Bot (my Equicizer) is unpacked and ready for riding - he is absolutely beautiful. I'm in love! Honestly, it was really an emotional reaction seeing him all unpacked and real. Everything is so perfectly done - the way he was packed, the mane and tail, the saddle - it's an incredible experience to really have this work of art in my home. You can tell how much love and dedication went into making this horse. I will treasure this equicizer truly....and plan to take my first ride tomorrow. For now, I just want to look at him and take it all in....thank you for this gift.

Deborah E.

Hi Sandy and Frank,

Well, we used "Abilene" our Equicizer, for the first time today with a new therapeutic riding client. What an amazing piece of equipment! Our physical therapist was extremely impressed with what the possibilities might be by incorporating an Equicizer in our therapy programs. We are also talking with the Rehab Department at the local hospital to see if they might want to utilize "Abilene" in their programs. This is a very exciting opportunity for our Center. I thank you for your creativity and kindness.

The Medicine Horse Center
Equine Assisted Therapies
P.O. 1074
Mancos, CO 81328


Hi Sandy,

I can't thank you enough for all your kindness, understanding, and help. If there is anything at all I can do to help, please, let me know. On a personal note, I want to thank you and your husband for the wonderful gift you have given special needs children and adults. I have seen the miraculous benefits of hippotherapy. Without your husband's wonderful creation it would only be available to people in such limited areas.
Best regards,

Hi Frankie and all at the wonderful home of the Equicizer!

Wonderful news.......I rode my flesh and blood horse!!!!!!!!!!!! After four years out of the saddle I rode again on 20th December 2006 and had no physical problems afterwards.

I can't begin to tell you what a thrill it was Frankie. And it's all thanks to you and my Equicizer 2005 'Mate'. I couldn't have done it without him, I know that for certain.

It's been a tough year for me one way or another and it took me longer than it should have, because I didn't get to ride Mate as often as I would have liked. And when I did, I sometimes had to push through some fatigue and pain, but I can tell you that it was worth every minute of it. The feeling I had to be sitting on my real horse again, even cantering and trotting around was exhilarating to the extreme. I am full of hope again, and am even writing out some entries to show again in March 2007!

I've attached some photos for you of me riding Scud, a sixteen and a half hands Quarter Horse gelding and the love of my life (after Mate that is!). One photo is of a good friend Kym, who was crying because she was so overjoyed to see me riding again.
God bless you Frankie. Keep on doing what you are doing, you are a very special person and I owe you so very much.
Have a blessed and happy Christmas and know that I will be grateful to you forever. You have changed my life for the better and made me so happy!

Beverley (Manners) and 'Mate'.

Annette willson

check this site out the book is fantastic
so are the pilates products

Annette willson

check this site out the book is fantastic
so are the pilates products


Great tips, I will be doing/using some! Yoga has helped me in the past so I will be trying some pilates too. Abs are very important. No.1 is a little tricky if you're someone who can only ride through lessons (don't have a horse of my own)..
But observing others and watching demos online can really help. www.videojug.com has some good equestrian videos.


youre site is BORING!!!!


all true but sometimes it is quite hard to find info on that. thx anyways!

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