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I don't know where I got to trying alternative treatments but am sure it was out of desperation that nothing else was working but I got there and I can attest to it's success. I have a 17 year old gelding that had EPM. He is a national calibre show horse (notice 'is' not 'was'). To recover from EPM and return to full use is pratically unheard of. Most horse suffering the neurological disorder never are able to handle collection. But thanks to herbs, acupuncture and a "skillful" chiropractor the horse is 100% The hard part is finding the qualified chiropractot and acupuncturist.

And I have more stories than just this one horse.Sounds to me like you're on the right track with this mare. Keep us up on how it goes.

Learninghorses (Jerri)

I had a horse that was so tight (when I bought her), that when I asked her to back up, she practically sat down. I had her adjusted by an equine chiropractor (this one was not a vet, but was an DC with a equine chiropractic certification), I SWEAR the horse was wanted to go home with her later, maybe even do her laundry.

I have used equine chiropractic many, many times. And never have any of them ever suggested that we sedate or twitch a horse. That person who did that to your horse should not be allowed to practice. All the horses have licked their lips, been relaxed and been much better. If I could afford it, I would do it for each horse 4-6x a year as a preventative.

Welcome to the wild side. Its kinda fun here!

Michael CLifford, Licensed Acupuncturist

This is an excellent story. Very well written, very informative, and most importantly to me VERY ACCURATE in the information you share.
As an acupuncturist it is always great to find stories of acupuncture from intruiged, satisfied individuals (and their homo-sapien owners)
My sister Patricia (AKA: Jackrabbit Woman) sent me to your site. I am so glad she did.

My acupuncture blog is http://peacefulmountainacupuncture.blogspot.com
check it out sometime, and please let us know how your horses progress.


Thanks for the feedback Michael! I read your blog and enjoyed learning more about acupuncture. Maddie continues to improve daily following her last treatment. It has been enough of an inspiration that I have scheduled an appointment for myself:)



I so love my own chiropractor and my horses' chiropractor. Unfortunately he lives about 5 hours away so we don't get there as often as I would prefer... Alternative medicine is certainly underrated!


What a wonderful post!

I have gone from skeptic to believer as well. Not only have I seen acupuncture, chiropractic and herbals work on other horses - I give them big credit for saving my own mare's life. She has gone through two laminitis episodes without any coffin bone rotation. Both times she received acupuncture treatment within two days of symptom onset, continued daily treatment with a cold laser (points prescribed by vet) and herbal supplementation. Her recovery both times has amazed everybody who knows her.

Thank you for a great post!

michael jones

Acupuncture is something wonderful! It has so many benefits! It was really interesting post!


I was have some nerves promblem one day.
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Jeanette ellis

I recently suffered a horrible loss with the death of my filly her young mare mother and a 3 1/2 year old gelding. It is being looked upon as botulism at this point. Anyway, another young thoroughbred (4y/o) went down and we have worked to keep him alive. He is doing well, has kept his weight on, but is still very lethargic and stiff in the end. I need some advise on how to ensure his recovery. Please email me, I'd appreciate it.
Jeanette Ellis

michael jones

There is some really useful information about the acupuncture and acupuncture points here! Thank you for that!

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With the proper method of stimulation, acupuncture pressure points help to restore the flow of qi through your body, helping you to overcome the illness or condition that you are facing.


Kelly, I read about your experiences with ERU and Bailey. Your use of haliotis powder on him seems nothing short of miraculous. I have a horse, 17 years old, who has bouts every six weeks. We cannot afford the operation, plus your earlier post said you'd already done that, and the ERU still returned. I want to do everything I can to stop him going blind - where did you get the powder and is it still working for Bailey?


Just adding a more sensible contact page!

Horse Rugs

Accupuncture is such an ancient and well established form of medicine. I can easily understand why it would work on animals as well as humans!!

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