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As a breeder, it's really hard to see my horse children go down the road and end up with someone who is blind to their own problems. Most problem horses are a direct result of people who don't understand their own shortcoming and are too proud or blind to learn from them. It breaks my heart to see horses caught up in that.

Learninghorses (Jerri)

Wonderful video. On Monday we took an 'intro to training' class for the dogs. The instructor reminded us, that every single moment, with everything we do, we are training. Dogs or horses, it still applies. Every moment we are training, whether we feel like it or not.

Our shelters and resuces are full of dogs and horses because people create the problems and fail to ask for help. The more we preach it, maybe the better we can make it.

Patricia Barlow-Irick

What a beautiful and balanced rider she is. It was amazing how she recovered from being half off the horse!! To do this all in an English saddle is so brave.



The words that accompany the video are so well said and true.

Pony Tail Club

This is a great video...I'm going to pass it on to all the girls at my barn. I especially loved the last lines, "Take the time to understand, the horse won't lie." Great advice!


This video is great. It really made me miss the Manor though. You have a great blog, and find very spot on things to write about. keep up the good work!


What a wonderful video and a great reminder of the duty of care we owe to these beautiful animals. As an equine therapist I see horses that are often in pain and yet continue to go out and do their best for their riders. When horses get to where they are in this video they have often been telling their owners/riders for a long time that they are not happy. Sadly a lot of people don't know how to listen. Please take the time to ensure that your horse is comfortable - teeth, feet, back/muscles, tack should all be attended to on a regular basis. Also making sure that you are clear and consistent with your training will reap great benefits. If in doubt always seek professional help before its gone too far. I'm probably preaching to the converted here - lets ensure we keep spreading the word.


Wonderful video! She's a very patient, understanding and balanced trainer. Kudos to you! Great message and music!


This video help me through a rough day.
And it taught me how to breath.
And wanted to get back in to ride and it help me be for .
And Thank You for put it on .



WOW! that is one good rider! and great horses! The ones who need work, are the ones worth having, how dull would it be to have a robo-horse? i love my high strung, spoilt rotten, rescue mare! <3 way2go rider!


What a beautiful video. Horses are such magnificent animals. The best trainers are the ones that have understanding, patience and a true love of the horse.


I have a psychologically damaged mare that i hve been working wth for three years still not backed.heavens only knows what unfortunate treatment she endured.constantally looking for help.who is this young trainer?want to get intouch wth her found her inspiring.might need her advice.would be grateful for an address.

Tenille Kassulke

its relly good but i have a horses that don't won't to learn\

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I didn't expect that synchronization would be that important between a horse and its rider.


There is reason behind every action. Whether it be pain, fear, need to be dominant, misunderstanding, or something else.

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