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Wow! That's way cool! I'm gonna have to check that out...thanks for sharing!! :D


Great blog!!!

Yes!Horses for Life is an awesome site! Tons of great articles... Well worth the price.

Patricia Barlow-Irick

Thank you for mentioning my neglected blog.

I am a Horses for Life subscriber.... I don't like a couple of things about it. First, for not getting a hard copy, it is very expensive. Second, there is a lot of pretty-pictures-but no-content sort of articles... they don't quite get to the meat of the subject in most of their work. I notice this because I WANT MORE INFO!!!!

The good thing is that you can access all the back issues. I subscribed the first year, canceled my subscription during the second and then resubscribed recently so I could read everything that I had missed. But, then because the content is minimal, it didn't take too long to catch up.

They get your credit card number and just automatically renew unless you notify them not to...yes, you just keep finding these 14.95 charges on your credit card every three months. Hmmmm....

The other thing that bugs me, and it is not the fault of the magazine, is that some of the articles are so interesting or have such great videos attached, that I want to send links to them to my buddies... but they don't subscribe so I can't.

EveryRider is a much better source of the kind of information I want to spend my time on. Kelly is always super detailed and gives you way more than you could have asked for. That's why I love this blog.


Thanks for the compliment Patricia! I agree the articles leave you hanging to some extent. Some more so than others... I often use the site as a launch pad for things I would like to research further. They get me thinking... get the creative juices flowing and then I look more up on the subject. I agree about the videos. They are usually worth sharing and for the price you would be able to. I am a big fan of what they stand for and I do find them to be a very useful site for the average reader. I think your just a little bit like me... A big sponge just looking for more info to soak up.
Sometimes I feel like the robot from that old 80's movie short circuit... No. 5... Need INNNPUUUTTTT!... must have more input.... Pretty Random Reference I guess.. Might be dating myself:)


Good information, well presented. I'm so glad I found your web site!

Victoria Cummings

Hi Kelly - I really enjoy your blog. Please check out mine - it's called Teachings of the Horse. I just started it at victoriacummings.blogspot.com.


Thanks for the reference to my blog. I find writing it helps me wind down. Since that's hard for me, making sure I post helps get me in a place I can sleep. Necessity, plan and simple.

That sounds expensive for an online magazine, then if they really get the information out there, I wouldn't like that much. but if you and Patricia pick up your blogging for the winter months, I'll be happy. Since you're both of my regular list of reads.


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Happy Thanksgiving!!

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