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This sounds interesting. I will have to check it out. Thanks.


Congrats for your blog, very nice!
Why don't you create a pet profile on www.pet-files.com? You can publish photos, videos and a lot of info (my profile: http://www.pet-files.com/marco80/mescal). And you can create a slideshow with your photo that you can easily embed into this blog! Hope you appreciate the idea.
- Marco


I personally use www.rendaivu.com its free and offers much more indepth features than HorseLogs.com. I had orginally started with HorseLogs.com before I found www.rendaivu.com It sends outs reminders for everything you would need and is very easy to use.


I looked at Rendaivu as well, but just find it will take way to much time to figure out, and the first few features I tried were buggy. I also wonder how long they will be able to remain free. Their ads are free as well, so seems like someone will want to be paid eventually.


Just searching the web today for horse software and found this post. I noticed the first two comments here are someone looking to advertise. Checked out Marco's profile, and he doesn't even have any horses, he is a software developer that no doubt works for Rendaivu.com. If he did start out with HorseLogs, it was probably to get ideas. Please be truthful folks. If your software is good, it should speak for itself.


Chase: Regarding the comments above, I am the developer for Rendaivu and Marco is not nor does he have any affiliation with Rendaivu.

We do believe Rendaivu speaks for itself. We do not champion our product under different aliases.

תנורים תעשייתיים

I often use the calendar and Im still in training deemed necessary to use a separate program to keep track of all my business expenses and create invoices.

Ken Griffey Shoes

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