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Simply Marvelous

Excellent post!

A must read for all equestrians and hope-to-be equestrians.


Food for thought. Lots of thought. Not just human/horse encounters, but maybe throws light on some aspects of human/human encounters.


Awesome post!

Victoria Cummings

You are so right! Looking at the world from your horse's point of view is the key to a successful relationship. Trust doesn't come in a few days or weeks or months. It takes years of consistency and patience and kindness to build, but mutual respect must be worked on every time you are with your horse.


I totally agree with you. So many people don't understand how the horse perceives such invastions so then they don't understand why they get bit later.


Your post was right on target. I hope a lot of
'treat people' read it and take heed. Great blog!


You mean my horse doesn't love me, he loves the food I give him? I'm crushed!

You are so right about authority and personal space. It's difficult not to anthropormorphize them, though. They're so expressive.

Someone I know had a group of very gentle horses. Strangers would stop and feed them grass through the fence. Though my friend's children were forbidden to hand-feed the horses, the youngest saw others do it and copied them. Her fingers were so small that the horse didn't realize they were there -- and bit the tip off of that little girl's finger (she was 2 or 3 years old). It couldn't be re-attached. Fortunately, it didn't stop her from becoming an excellent rider as a teenager.
Good post!

Strawberry Lane

Great post! Firm believe in that advice.

Just a minute ... husband (carrot man) needs to read this.


I love the pictures...I can't get enough!

Mary Haley


HI there!
I love your blog and RILEY!!!
I nominate you for the winged award..see my blog for details.
You probably already have one of these, I am sure...but I jsut started to read here and did not find it yet.
Be back and thanks for all the wonderful,insightful things you do for us!

Joni Solis

I clicker train my two ponies and that means I do feed them using my hands. If done correctly hand feeding clicker training can help problem horses that bite. When I was given my little male pony -- he was a 18 month old stallion at the time -- he had a HUGE bitting problem. But with clicker training, gelding, and time he no longer bites.

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I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

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Very, very nicely done!

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