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This is getting exciting, can't wait to see how she does with her foaling and what kind of baby you get.


I suspected at the time you made that comment that the mares were going to be pretty close together. I guess I didn't convey that message very well to you. lol

It didn't surprise me at all that we went one and two but I'm still trying to figure out who number three was.....because they said back in the chat it was a tripe header so there really was another mare that foaled right behind our two. lol


I also wanted to say I prefer to leave my mares alone to foal if possible. I agree that people can cause problems by jumping in quickly when they don't know what they're doing but...problems can also be caused because someone doesn't know enough to detect any difficulties early.

For instance the problem with Lucy's foal presenting incorrectly was compounded by there not being any real space between contractions to reposition. The combination could have been deadly if left for any time.

The trick is to be as informed as you can be so that you have the skills to make an early assessment. Being able to tell from the start you are in over your head gives you time to make calls to either get help to come or give instruction over the phone.



I agree 100% with the whole comment really but especially about being informed enough to make the right decision. I knew a few minutes in that I was going to need a hand and thank god I had help so close at hand.

I could have been off base in bringing the assisting during foaling up at all. I know it is a sensitive subject for a lot of folks. I learned a lot just watching marestare and I think it is a fantastic service. There were just a few occasions where it really seemed like the mare didn't even get the chance to try on her own and the baby was out in 2 minutes. I am certainly am for making it as easy on the mares as possible but I just found it curious how often that seemed to be the case. Like I said... I'm new at this game so it is only an observation. I consider myself very lucky that I had guidance when when the time came to make decisions.


Kelly - I am LOVING reading Devon and your story. It's nice to go back and forth between you and MiKael and get the "newbie" and "old hand" perspectives on foaling. Devon looks like a great horse and I'm looking forward to hearing more about this special baby.


Yes, you are absolutely right. There are those that jump right in and pull regardless of what's going on. I wonder if it really matters one way or other to the mare or if it is just our own personal preferences.

I think that if I was breeding minis, however, that I would jump in right in the beginning. They seem to have so many more problems and more lost foals and mares for that matter. I can undestand why those folks are so quick to assist. I'm surprised if I get to see a mini born with ease.

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