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Whew! That little guy had a hell of a time being born. I felt bad for the mare being so afraid and confused. I'm sure she was so glad to see you when you came and helped her. I guess it doesn't matter how many books you read and try to prepare yourself, having your friend there who was experienced was a big help. I'm also glad I am never going to do this, I wouldn't have a clue.
Your mare is absolutely beautiful and a wonderful mother. And your baby boy is gorgeous, I don't think I've ever seen a cuter colt. Good Luck to all of you and mom and baby too.Keep us posted with lots of pictures.


Grey horse,

It was kind of a dramatic entrance wasn't it:) Thank you for the kind words about Devonessa and Riley. I don't think I mentioned his name! Oops! Well I have tons of pictures and material now for sure:) This colt's life will be well documented!

Simply Marvelous

Wow! What an experience for everyone! So glad everything worked out successfully and that your friend was there to help you. The videos were excellent. Wonderful photos.

Congratulations! Your new foal is absolutely adorable.


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Wow! Kelly, you all did great. I'm glad that you now have enough material to keep you writing for a while. We've missed you!

Riley is adorable and rearing already. You have your hands full, girl!


congrats and blessings... well done!!

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wayne jones

Glad to read all ok, just wanted to say i love the picture of Riley looking trough the fence into the bush ! Fantastic shot !!

Do you have anymore ?

Kind Regards


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Congratulations, best wishes for you!


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You are the best! Keep on going!

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Great video regarding there was not enough room to stand behind him and prevent the fall of the foal as it descended.

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