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Great video, Kelly! It did brighten up my day as you promised. The music choice was perfect.


Thanks for sharing the video of Riley. Congratulations on such a cute guy! I always wish I've had some video of mine when he was that young.


Riley is just as adorable as can be. I am glad he found his legs,he looked a bit like a drunken sailor in the beginning, I just love the little hops and the way he watched Mom rolling. The song was a perfect choice. Thanks for sharing and brightening up my day.


OMG! Love the music with the video! Perfect! LOL, what a little cutie!


An extraordinary machine, indeed! Riley is picture perfect and I could watch him all day. Brings back precious memories of my first/only foal. Found your blog courtesy of Arlene - I'll be back!


This baby horse is very cute. It's nice to see him.


Wow.. what a sweetie... blessings to all

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Strawberry Lane

How absolutely adorable! Priceless video!

Linda - The Mane Point


Our foals are now growing into training. What fun they are.

The Mane Point

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Took me time to read all the comments, but I enjoyed the article.

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What great video, I love the horses, I really love them, I have had like 10 horses in my life, the video is wonderful, the horse's puppies are really nice!!

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