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Sooo cute!


Oh my God, he is too too cute. I loved the song, hilarious. I did think he was almost about to groom your arm for a minute, glad you didn't miss any spots.


You can't get cuter than that. Can I have him? I'll scratch him all day.

Loved your music and editing. Just right!

Now, go out there and scratch Riley some more!


Hello very cute. I just had a filly and are really enjoying her. Been a few years without and we are very happy to have her. We have picks on our website www.naturalhorseforsale.com. We are a new site dedicated to natural horseman. Please stop by and check her out.


OMG! I just giggled throughout the whole video!


I'll be chuckling all day. Thanks for the great video.

gina armfield

This is a crack up and the music is perfect!

Simply Marvelous

Just toooo adorable !! I'll be happy to work in shifts giving Riley his daily rubs!


Hello.this is the first time to visit your site.
So cute baby horse!
I love horseback riding,but I can't do it now.
You know, horseback riding is not popular in Japan.
There is no horseback riding club around my home.
Have fun with your horses!
I'm happy if you link to my site.

Lindsay Hayes

Hey Kelly!
AMAZING blog!! You will be proud of your old riding school buddy, I've got my own website and am in the midst of learning how to blog. Looking forward to Congress! Talk to ya soon,


OHH YA! Way to funny.


OHH YA! Way to funny.


Riley is adorable. Take lots of pictures, they grow up so quick!


YOU have recieved and AWARD!
Please go to allhorsestuff's blog and see for yourself.
It is about 5-posts down.
Thanks for the wonderful pics and video of
Riley...please come on back to us in bloggerland soon! Miss ya!

The Mane Point


We're riding my baby now. They grow up so fast!

The Mane Point

What's your favorite horse breed? Stop by, and vote:

Guess the Breed, at The Mane Point


My name is miftahhurrahman from Indonesia..
Nice Blog...
See u

Jenny Hill

He is adorable!!

Great blog! I actually found you through Lynda Polks' Hoofbeats blog and I'm enjoying it so far. I've been reading blogs because I'm trying to learn more about the horses nominated for USEF's "Horse of the Year" award. I love horse and I'm a huge Arabian horse fan, I had to go with Adams Fire. What a beautiful animal! He is half Arabian, half DHH and there are four continents in his first generation. He is smart and responsive - very Arabian - but he is ALL American in his "melting pot" background.

You should vote! You'll love him and the awards event! ... and you should write about the nominees. I haven't found something like that yet... written by horse fans for other fans.

Here is the Web site: http://www.usef.org/contentPage2.aspx?


Stopping by to say I've missed you. Hope you and yours have a great holiday season! And how is Riley????


I'm bookmarking this so whenever I need a quick grin I can watch your too adorable Rile making happy faces as your give him scritches.

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awwww....so freakin cute!!! I think alot of pets are that way tho lol

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